There comes a time when you feel you are worthless. You feel that your colleagues are better off than you, forgetting that we are all equal in the presence of the Almighty God.

We doubt our potential and see others as better than us. We fail to understand that every individual has a different capacity. Worry is all that we find ourselves doing. We get engulfed in the worry culture that we fail to realise that there are situations which we have no control over but still get worried over them.

Worrying is an integral part of human lives but when it occurs in extensive measures, it gets destructive. The following are the ways of handling worry;

  • It is paramount to understand how worry is brought about. Worry is caused by our perception. According to the Law of Attraction, our negative attitude yields to negative reactions. Always keep in mind that the mind gives out what it is fed.
  • Identify what worries you. Always have a priority list, where the urgency of the items is listed and one is able to organize himself.
  • Learn from your past mistake and rise up to the next activity prepared. Mistakes are not markers of failure but forces that push us forward.
  • Accept your mistake and do something about it. Don’t wallow in pain and wish for the unexpected to happen.
  • Share the issues that worry you with someone you trust; it may be your close friend, a counselor or even a religious man. Keep in mind that a problem shared is half solved.
  • Remember that worry is a disease of the mind. Clear all the assumption and work with reality
  • Live each day to bed time (Dale Carnigie). Handle issues that you can in a day.
  • Identify the pros and cons of worrying. With this, you will be able to balance your emotions and stay healthy.
  • Appreciate yourself; there is none like you. It is only when you love yourself that you will be able to love others. Moreso, if you value and appreciate yourself, you will reflect that to the people around.
    Love is the foundation of a high esteem and confidence.
  • Learn to express yourself in that you let out your emotions. This might seem silly but when you feel like crying, do it. This is one of the ways of venting out negative emotions.
  • Lastly always have the serenity prayer by heart. Recite it. Meditate upon it.
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