Mwangaza derives its name from `Mwangaza‘ and `Daima‘ which is Swahili for `Light’ and `Forever’ respectively. This explains our tagline `You are the light of the world’ The inspiration behind Mwangaza has always been the need for an empowered society, especially among the youth. This is because the youth harness a lot of potential within them but due to challenges they face, are not able to utilise this potential.

Thus, we seek to empower the youth through interactions and impactful storytelling. Because we believe stories play a huge role in our lives, since time immemorial.

Founded in 2016 as a publication of a campus club in Moi University, Mwangaza has grown to become a digital media agency, with various products and services to its name 

What We Do

Our activities range from magazine publishing, content creation and distribution, web design, digital advertising and mentorship.

Content Distribution

Stories form a huge part in our growth. That is why we use our storytelling skills to craft content for the promotion of your brand.

Web Design

We design your website for you so that you can have a safe home in the internet


Looking to promote your brand to reach many people? Contact us today for an advertising package that will guarantee ROI


We conduct online and offline activities meant to empower and mentor the youth on various activities.