The Benefits of exercising for youths

By Laban Motaroki

The dynamic lifestyles at this time and age has led to the young people being sedentary and hence ending up becoming unfit- even obese; having poor productivity and making them susceptible to poor lifestyle conditions and diseases. These impact negatively on the quality of their lives.

The only way to combat this is for young people to eat clean and start exercising regularly, and even engage in a sport. This will make them strong and more productive. When a young person is strong, he is more productive at school or at work and at home, hence great output in all arenas.

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As a young person, exercise has boosted my self-esteem, which in turn has created in me a great confidence in myself and in what I do. When one has self-confidence, the feeling is invincible, and one is pushed to try new ventures that sound ambitious. For me, my confidence has taken me to my passion, and I’ve been successful at it. The confidence made me more results oriented, which has been my greatest tip to success.

Exercise for young people helps to develop strong bones and muscles. This is an investment to our future. Because, as we get older, we are less prone to bone diseases called osteoporosis and dental problems as well.

At present world, we have an increase in cancerous illnesses which are killing a lot of people. It is said that some of these cancers are caused by lifestyle choices. These diseases would rather be prevented than treated, because the treatment comes at a heavy cost. The only prudent thing to do is to make wise lifestyle choices such as eating clean and exercising. This may not prevent the diseases altogether, but it narrows down the risk of getting them, especially if we start at a tender age.

Our social lives as young people are improved when we engage in team sports, such as playing football, basketball, rugby, volleyball, swimming, amongst others. Through this interaction, social skills are enhanced hence great networking with other people. Worthwhile life changing relationships have been developed through sports.

As young people when we exercise our sex life is also improved. Exercise develops great vascular health, hence great blood circulation in our sex organs. When this is achieved, a satisfactory sex life is achieved, and this leads to great romantic relationships including marriages.

Mwangaza Magazine | Mwangaza Magazine

Sport can also become an economic activity for young people, especially if one has passion for it. We have seen great sports people that make an enviable living out of sports. Look at the footballers, runners, basketballers, rugby players, swimmers etc. There are many employment opportunities in exercise and sports. One can be a sports doctor specializing in sports injuries; one can be a sports nutritionist hence advising athletes on how to improve performance; one can be a sports agent, who will scout for talent hence make money through commissions.

One can even be a brand ambassador for a sports related franchise. Or, a sports official, whose role would be to officiate matches and games. One can also be a sports business manager whose role is to improve profitability of the club. We also have sports lawyers who oversee the contracts for the players and teams. We have fitness coaches, physiotherapists. All these amongst many employment opportunities which are available to the youth, should embrace sports and exercise.

Working out and being involved in a sporting activity often leads to a responsible life as discipline is part and parcel of it all. Substance abuse often does not go hand in hand with an active lifestyle, so one leads a clean life when one chooses exercise.

So, my fellow young people, please do make exercise and clean eating a vital part of your lives for the reasons discussed above. life hence no abuse of drugs and alcohol. Your body, mind and soul will thank you for it.

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