By Jared Oundo

Quipbank’s partnership with East African Maltings Limited (EAML) to give farmers access to mechanization services like planting, ploughing, chiseling, and harvesting has been successful, with EAML paying 1.5 billion to 60,000 farmers this year.

TingA, a product of Quip Bank, has helped in mechanizing for the more than 400 farmers in Tana River, Busia and Kisumu counties under the EABL project.

Quip Bank provides agricultural machinery on a rental basis aimed at increasing the supply of raw materials (sorghum) for EAML.

TingA seeks to impact and empower farmers through mechanization as a way of promoting local wealth and adding value to the economy.

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“Farm mechanization is one of the most neglected farm operations yet the most important. It defines the profit or loss one is going to make in the farming venture. EAML partnered with us because we are a reliable service provider, and have the capacity, knowledge and expertise in farm mechanization”, said Titus Musyoka, TingA’s manager.

“It was both challenging and inspiring because the team had to mechanize over 3000 acres thanks to a very dedicated TingA team,’’ he added.

There’s need to educate farmers on the benefits of agricultural mechanization practices. TingA is committed to growing with the small holder farmer as they meet all their mechanization needs for a wide range of crops ploughing, chiseling, harrowing, planting, spraying and harvesting.

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About TingA
TingA is a project of Quipbank Trust Limited that employs the use of modern day technology channels to allow farmers access farming mechanization. One of these being it’s online based platforms that enable farmers to register and order for services as groups or individuals using hand gadgets such as mobile phones, tablet or computers. This accessibility enables even small scale farmers to enjoy farming equipment on short term leases.

TingA Community Model Concept works by allowing farmers to register for mechanization services as groups through already established units such as NGOs, Chama, SACCO, Co-operative Societies, or Churches.

The writer is the Lead Consultant at the Jubilant Stewards of Africa.

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