LABAN MOTAROKI: How to maintain body wellness

Who is Laban Motaroki?
I am a great wellness coach specialising in fitness and nutrition coaching.

What is Wellness and how is it relevant to us?
Wellness is a new trend in lifestyle trend that imakes you wholesome and a complete human being. It has the following components; Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Intellectual, Environmental, social wellness and many more. My specialisation is in physical wellness and nutrition.

What is a fad diet? Why should we ditch them?
Fad diets are also referred to us as the miracle diet. They are a quick fix to aid in weight loss. We need to ditch them because they cause dehydration, weakness and fatigue, nausea, headache, constipation and lead to inadequate minerals and vitamins to the body.

Does weight have to do with eating? And what kinds of food should we have in our diets?
Weight has to do with eating and physical activity. My focus is we have a balanced diet and correct amounts of foods that the body needs, in all combinations from the carbohydrates, , minerals, proteins and vitamins. The right amounts are based on your physical activity, the nature of work that you do and importantly, your weight.

The beauty of a balanced diet is one will achieve a healthy body weight and be fully functional through out the day.

Some slim people eat a lot of junk in order to gain weight. Is this advisable?
Being small in size does not mean we eat junk. Remember when we screen for cholesterol, chances are you may have high cholesterol and this may lead to heart disease and high blood pressure.

Cholesterol is the fat that is found in blood. The body manufactures about 20% of the cholesterol. Animal products and processed foods increase the cholesterol amount in the body. This cholesterol clogs up the arteries which makes them narrower and this leads to high blood pressure and heart attack.

What physical activities do you recommend?
We break down these physical activities into a break down of your exercise program which include;
i) Cardio-vascular Endurance
These activities tend to increase the functionability of your heart and lungs. Examples are running, walking, swimming, playing football and cycling.
ii) Strength training
These are body-weight exercises like push-ups, squats and pull-ups.
iii) Flexibility
This is the amount or range of motion within a joint. It helps improve the functionability of a person and helps in movements. This includes exercises like yoga, basic stretches.

What makes people overweight?
They include less activity and consumption of more calories than what the body requires. These excess calories are stored as fat in the body, especially around the abdominal area. This increases a person’s weight.

Is it bad to be fat? Because many people don’t want to be associated with the word `fat’.
Being overweight or fat is a condition and we need to accomodate everybody. We should give them the social support that they need, from nutrition care, encouragement to exercise. This would assist them be active and take a healthy diet.

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What are the benefits of exercise?
There are many benefit. One is improved aesthetics, high morale, and flexibility among others. There about 88 benefits of exercise which makes it very important.

What makes a healthy life-style? And as a nutritionist and a wellness coach, what kinds of activities should we, as youth leave, in order to be healthy?
A healthy lifestyle entails having all meals from your breakfast, lunch and dinner it the right quantities and great quality foods. Drink water, cut down sugar and salt, sleep eight hours, manage stress and emotions, work out five to six times a week while focusing on cardio, strength training and flexibility. Cut down on alcohol and stop smoking.

So having less sleep is harmful to our health?
Yes it is. We gain weight when we sleep less than 7 hours. Especially at the midsection.

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