BEVERLYNE DALUMA: On entreprenuership and finding a mentor

Kindly introduce yourself to us.
My name is Beverlyne Daluma, a lawyer by profession and a network marketer by passion. I am also an entrepreneur.

Lawyer and entrepreneur. How did this shift come about?
Well, there really is no shift, because an entrepreneur is a problem solver. So yes, even lawyers can be entrepreneurs. In context the Cashflow quadrant brought the shift.

So, where do you practise your entrepreneurship?
I founded The Entrepreneurs Den. The mission of the den is to empower the financial well-being of humanity.

How do you balance your time and energy between the two demanding mistresses? Do you dedicate different days to each?
This is not a big issue because I can say that I do law part-time. My passion is in network marketing. I am in the process of registering my law firm which will be offering legal services through competent advocates as I focus on managing The Entrepreneurs Den.

What is the secret to success in this journey, now that you seem to wear many hats?
When you are an entrepreneur or decide to be one, you must be ready to sacrifice. There are things that you will need to sacrifice for the sake of your enterprise. Your time, friends, I can say it’s a lonely journey because people will not understand you or what you are doing. To succeed you also need to invest your money as well.

The other secret is to have a good mentor. Someone who has been where you want to go. It makes the journey easy.

Where do you get a mentor?
You can get a good mentor in a number of ways.
1. By approaching someone you already know who is in the same field as you are and is doing well.
2. By getting inspiration through some of the big personalities online. My mentor is Robert Kiyosaki. I have been his student since April this year.

How does one get to be his student? What is the qualifying criteria?
Yes you can, you can simply register online for some of his courses.

Bonus: Download your free copy of Issue 6 here

Most youth-led enterprises die early. Where do we go wrong?
The main mission of the Entrepreneurs Den is to teach people the passive side of the cashflow quadrant.

You realise there are 4 major ways that all of us earn a living.

This part of the quadrant signifies people who trade their time for money. They have no time and no money as well and they pay heavy taxes to the government. When I asked my mentor why he would not recommend this to anyone he simply replied there is no financial freedom in this quadrant. You simply work and hope to survive on a pension plan that you will eventually outlive.

2. The Self-employed
Again same features as the above, no freedom, no money.

3. The Big Business.
He talks about you being part of a formula that the wealthy and rich use that poor people dont. System + Network= Massive Wealth

In network marketing, the system is already built for you all you need to do is plug in your network and get financial freedom.

4. Investor.
Once you get passive income flowing then you can comfortably invest.

When starting a business, what are the steps to make? Should you take up a business loan?
Well I can say that you first need to identify your strengths as an entrepreneur, then identify the particular problem that you would like to solve with your idea. Most people begin business by either the trending topics e.g quails and people just ended up wasting time and money.

So before you begin a business, do proper research and analysis, write a solid business plan, do the financial projections. This will save you from just following the wind.

My mentor says poor people fear debt and savers are losers. Dont fear acquiring loans to boost your business. However, if you are planning to start, it is wiser to do so with capital from other sources.

Plus for you to leave a legacy you have to be different, how many ordinary lawyers are there? Steve Jobs is my motivation because he says If today were your last day on earth, would you do what you do? If the answer is no, then you know that you need to change something.

What does the Entreprenuers Den do for the community?
We train the youth to be financially stable. We do work with the community, we visit various counties and interact with the youth and other entrepreneurs.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years, we will have established The Entrepreneurs Den Academy to help empower the society on earning a residual income. Our schools today only equip us with skills preparing us to be either employees or self-employed. But the day you stop going to that business your income stops flowing as well.

Jack Ma, the Founder of Alibaba rightly said that our schools need to teach soft skills,things that the computer can’t do. Technology is quickly replacing human labour and before you realize, if this is not already happening, there is an unemployment crisis. Networking allows you to connect with people, its a people’s business.

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