Happy New Year, folks! It’s 2019 and with it comes new plans and goals popularly known as New Year’s Resolutions. What are your 2019 resolutions?

We make these resolutions either to change our old habits for the better or pursue new activities or venture. Your New Year’s resolution may be to hit the gym in order to shed some weight or buy a new car or anything. Most of these resolutions we make, are meant to improve us and lead to our holistic growth and development as human beings.

Unfortunately, most of us fail to keep these resolution barely two months into the New Year. This is mainly because changing old habits is never an easy task.

That is why most of the people do not bother make these resolutions. After all, they know they won’t keep them.

However, it is possible to make and achieve your resolutions with discipline and focus. But how? Let’s dive in.

Keep your resolutions realistic.
Let your resolutions be based on reality and not fantasy. Let your goal be achievable, albeit with a little bit of strain and perseverance. Do not resolve to buy a car by the end of the year yet you earn peanuts, barely enough to sustain yourself. If possible, write down your resolutions in a piece of paper or somewhere you can easily refer to.

Setting realistic resolutions helps you be enthusiastic about achieving them and gives you the desire to push on. Moreso, these resolutions must bring about positive change in the status quo, either in your lifestyle, your career, spiritual and social life.

Track progress

Just like any other goal, it is important to place little milestones along the way that will serve to track whether you are heading in the right direction.

If it is your resolution to hit the gym and lose some weight, then you can target to lose a certain amount of kilograms within a specific time like for example, 10 kilograms in a month.

Setting these milestones helps you stay focused, monitor and evaluate yourself on possible areas for improvement in case you do not achieve your periodic target. Setting timelines for achieving your resolutions is also crucial.

However, it is very important to be careful on the kind of reward you make to yourself because one slip may compromise all the progress made. If it is your resolution not to take any alcohol this year, be careful not to reward yourself with a crate of beer at the end of a month of soberness. Or else you will fall back into drinking and steer away from the resolution.

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Celebrate yourself.
This does not mean you throw a lavish party for yourself and friends! It can be something as small as a new pair of shoes for a milestone achieved. Rewarding yourself is equally important so that it keeps you motivated and focused on achieving the resolutions that you set.

Be focused.
Change is usually a hard nut to crack. It involves a diversion in your habits and way of life. Most of the time, this may be very difficult for you.

Thus, staying focused is very crucial. You need to envision the end product of your resolution when things become tough.

Just like any other goals, your New Year resolutions can also be achieved. It requires you to be realistic, track your own progress, celebrate your milestones and always be focused.

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

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