`Start seriously working at being the best in what you do and soon you will be passionate.’

Are you passionate about anything? Maybe you should be. Because being passionate is the difference between being good and being great. Playing the piano and being a pianist.

But how? Isn’t passion something you are born with? Actually, No. Start behaving like passionate people do and you will also become passionate.

Because being passionate is not simply about trying to get ahead. Or just being better than everyone else. It’s about achieving the very best that you are capable of. So for example, athletes who focus on perfecting their skills become way better athletes than those who only want to outdo their competition. Your personal best is all about you and no one else.

And you know what? It doesn’t matter what it is that you are doing. If you focus on perfecting a skill, then that skill will become your passion. And that leads to your success. So even if you are a bad golfer, if you practise hard enough then you will start winning tournaments. And even the simplest business, run really passionately, will make loads of money.

So what do passionate people do that is different to everyone else?

They never stop thinking about what they do. Because it inspires them and makes them feel good. Your passion becomes who you are.

Passionate people don’t waste time. So avoid doing things that don’t matter. Focus every minute on improving your skills and soon, they’ll be nothing else you would rather be doing.

Passionate people are always optimistic. So, always be chasing your next goal and always be certain that you are going to achieve it.

Passionate people get up early. They are so eager to start their day that they can’t sleep in. Because their minds are so full of ideas for the next day.

They are willing to take big risks. No one does that for something they are only mildly passionate about!

Passionate people only have one speed. Full steam ahead. So don’t do anything half-heartedly. Whatever you are doing, really go at it. You’ll need to relax sometimes, of course. But when you are relaxing, really relax. Nothing in between.

Passionate people talk about their passion all the time. Because their passion is who they are. So, you will know you are becoming passionate about something when you find you can’t stop talking about it.

Now, you’ll find that you are always excited. It’s not that you are never quiet. It’s just that it takes less to get you excited, so you get excited often and for longer. And because you focus all that excitement on one thing, you make more progress. And your achievements build more excitement.

You will also stop thinking about work and life balance. What you do is who you are, so there is no separating the two. It is what you live, eat and breathe, so there’s no such thing as leaving work at the office.

Is that you? It can be, if you want. Start seriously working at being the best you can at what you do, and soon you’ll be passionate.

(Courtesy of the Sunday Nation, 26th August, 2018)

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