So, Bw. Martin kindly introduce yourself to us
Thank you. My name is Mwamukonda Martin. A lawyer in the making, Sustainable Development Goals Global Champion and the Secretary General at United Nations Chapters Tanzania – Youth of United Nations Association of Tanzania.

How does one get to be a part of the United Nations?
1.. Youth point of view :
Youth of United Nations Association of Tanzania is a member based organization. We have members in secondary schools, Universities and youth out of schools as well. Being a member gives you a chance to participate in United Nations activities (UN calendar of Events) , diplomat forums( model UNs) and other conferences.
2. You can as well get involved as a volunteer through United Nations Volunteer (UNV), or as an intern at other UN agencies.

As for me, I started way back when I was in Form 2. I started joining UN club at my school, and got involved in different UN activities, which includes international commemoration of United Nations days. From the forum, I knew where I wanted to go, and who to follow , so I built the network.

Your CV is impressive. Are you still studying law? When do you finish? How do you balance your other engagements while studying at the same time?
Yes, I am still a student in my second year at Tumaini University, based in Dar es Salaam. Law at my university is a three year course, so hopefully by this time next year, I will be done. I work during my free time, basically on holidays.

How did you get to champion SDGs globally?
It was in 2015, during the Tanzania International Model United Nations, when I was recognized as one of the best delegates in that year’s, TIMUN. Afterwards, we were provided with proper training on how to advocate for SDGs in our communities. Please note that it is a volunteer act.

Among the SDGs, do you have a specific one which you focus on or you do all of them?
I, personally, is in love with Goal Number 1. No poverty

How can we eradicate poverty, as the youth?
I quote the former United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon. We, the youth, are the first generation that can end poverty. I believe that if we unite together on common ground, wanting to destroy the same enemy is very much possible. It all starts with the mindset.


What is the future of entreprenuership in the eradication of poverty?
The future is wide and limitless, with a lot of opportunities for us to grab. Changing the mindset of youthis in the same packaging as the future of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship basically means tackling a certain challenge and turning the challenge into an opportunity. Given the societies that we are in , we face a lot of challenges. It is up to us not to take them as challenge per ser, and see opportunities that lie behind every challenge.

Can poverty be eradicated without youths being involved in politics? My belief is that politics is politically motivated. What do you think? What are the causes of poverty?
Yes, it’s very possible. Personally I don’t believe you need to be a politician to make an impact, ,serve your community or be an inspiration.

First, I believe poverty is man made and can be eradicated. Yes, Nelson Mandela’s words. We can all have different views on causes of poverty, but we could all agree on the same point; that all those who have succeed in life or are on their way to succeed, did challenge themselves at some point, challenging the system, not wanting to accept defeat. Poverty is created when one fails to challenge the system, not taking control of your life, and letting it flow.

How do you engage yourself in eradicating poverty?
As an individual:
The strongest form of poverty that kills dreams and everything is poverty of the mind, so I feed my mind with books ( I water my gardens)
We encourage the use of talents in our clubs and Chapters, as Mr Adebola said a few weeks back, `Talent is the new currency’

Ultimately, if someone wishes to join you in the UN activities, can they reach out to you?
Yes I would love to help in anyway possible.

So where do you see yourself in a few years time?
1. Starting an initiative that will mentor young leaders in East African Countries.
2. Providing a platform for recognition of the young people who do their best in different areas of life. From a arts , science, volunteerism etc. This will serve as an inspiration to other young people.

Thank you very much for the session today, Mr. Martin. We’ve learnt alot from you today on the UN.
Thank you so much for having me. Special thanks to Mwangaza Magazine, you people use the power of your pen to make an impact. Live and leave your legacy!

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