Life like a rain

By Christopher Afwande

Am on the rain, my jacket is wet,

The whole body weavers,
Brain reads zero, nothing recorded in the mind.
Only steps made to the dip mud.

The more I move, the more frustrated i become,
Looking for a shelter is like wasting time,
The skin shrinks, coldness arises,
Legs becoming tired, still stuck in the mud.

Tears loom on my polite looking face,
No idea only to weep,
Flu arises, body becomes weak,
Sadness is all over, only a soothing voice is heard.

No options but to wipe tears,
A smile follows because challenges love me.
I cry and shout but it rains without favor.
Wow! Life without a gain, only pain is reaped.

Today rained on, tomorrow becomes worst,
Defeated now, hope gone only drops landon the flesh,
The heart faints, no one is ready to bring hope back,
No profit gained, all is flooded with dark mud.

So taunted, ashamed and left drowning,
But at least not dead, I can shout for help,
I can breathe and try again, though anger motivates the desperate mind,
But I can see the light at a far end.

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