GEORGE MO; Why you need to get Lost In Time

Kindly introduce yourself to us

George Mo is a Kenyan actor. I come alive when in front of the camera and work diligently to achieve the role given to me. Some of the work done that I have done on TV include roles in Skandals Kibao, Guy Center, Siri, Wash And Set, Makutano Junction ,Nairobi Law, Block D, Redemption and Borderline and many more. I have also done many films among which include Amof – East, Sopii, Love and glove and The Run. Others are Torture, Captain of Nakara, and Bogen; just to name a few. I play the lead, Sam in Lost In Time; a man struggling with bi-polar and has a past, present and future to deal with.

How many years in the acting industry so far? And how has the journey been?

I have been in the industry since 2006 which makes it about 14 years. The journey has not been easy though. To get to where I am today, it has been through passion, working hard and believing in myself. Sharpening my skills every day and above all is discipline.

Shifting over to Lost In Time, without spoiling the film (for those of us who haven’t had the chance to watch it) what are the main themes addressed in the film?

The film is about mental illness. It is about a guy called Sam, who is bipolar and has to deal with past, present and future. It is a film that you can enjoy with your family, I call it edutainment.

So how was it to play the Lead character, Sam in the film? Considering that there were many versions of Sam that you had to portray in the film.

Playing Sam was awesome and good. With the help of my director, Mr. Peter Kawa, I was able to bring out the best in me as a thespian, that I didn’t know I could before. It wasn’t easy bringing out the different Sam’s but with the help of the crew, they made it happen. As a thespian, I had to meditate upon myself and eventually, I was able to portray the different Sam’s. I had to do my research, focus and immerse myself into the role completely. It is a role that needs your undivided attention from read-through to post production.

For your great acting in the film, you were nominated for the Best Lead Actor category in the Kalasha Awards. How did you feel?

Getting nominated in the category makes me feel honoured and humbled. I give thanks and glory to the Almighty God and the whole cast and crew.

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Lost In Time film has received, generally, a good reception as compared to other previous films. What can you attribute to this?

True, it has received a good reception. This is because, one, it is a story that reasonates with our people. People are going through mental illness. Thus, it is a story done by Kenyans for Kenyans. Second, we had an awesome team; crew and cast. Everybody brought their A-game to the table.

Now to the Kenyan audience.  We are more used to downloading movies (illegally) on our PCs but are reluctant to go to theatre and watch original films. How can we cultivate this culture, as an audience? Does this affect the acting industry?

We can cultivate this culture as thespians by;

  1. Telling our own story the Kenyan way by collaborating and supporting each other.
  2. We need to come up with policies and mechanisms that will enable us distribute and market our films to the Kenyan audience. This is because the Kenyan audience has the urge to watch local content but don’t know where to get them.
  3. Authorities also need to come up with laws that cushion us, as film makers to create an environment where we can sell our films.

So, where can we get to watch Lost In Time?

On 14th December, we’ll be in Mombasa at Nyali Cinemax. On 21st, we are headed to Kisumu. On 7th December, we have a live screening at Anga in Nairobi. More live screenings shall be communicated with time.

For the budding actors, how can they build their skills at least to be casted in a film like Lost In Time?

First you have to believe in yourself. Keep going for auditions and make the most of the opportunities you get. Keep sharpening your skills as an actor and don’t let anyone tell you can’t make it. Read books and research in order to learn.

Finally, what is your parting shot?

Follow your passion, be patient, disciplined and work hard. When you become a star, stay humble. Humility can take you places. Above all, believe in God. Believe in what you do and stick to it.

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